In, “The Wizard of Oz,” Dorothy had a heck of a time getting those ruby slippers to get home.  For all that she endured, she was told that her ability to go home was inside her all the time. This past weekend, Martin Truex Jr. may have sung, “Weather and Cautions and Delays, Oh, My!”… but, like Dorothy, found that how to get where he wanted to go (in this place, Victory Lane) was deep inside himself.  The commercials during the broadcast may have seemed to some to be as welcome as a green-faced witch; but they are the only way you also get to watch the rides on the yellow brick road.  For those big and little people who like to know precisely how many ads there were, and how much time they took during the broadcast, here is this week’s breakdown.

Race and Commercial Breakdown of the 2021 Blue-Emu Maximum Pain Relief 500

Start time to record race/commercial periods: 8:50 PM
Rain Delay:   9:43 PM
Restart Next Day:  4:09 PM
End time to record race/commercial periods:  8:02 PM
Total minutes of complete race broadcast:  286
Minutes of race broadcast:  243
Minutes of traditional commercials:  43
Minutes of side-by-side commercials:  6


Total number of commercials:  121
Total number of companies or entities advertised:  48
Total number of traditional commercials (not split-screen):  104
Total number of companies or entities advertised:  46
Total number of ‘Side-by-Side’ commercials during the broadcast (split-screen):  17
Total number of companies or entities advertised:  15
Number of times FS1 utilized ‘Side-by-Side’ commercials during the broadcast:  3

Companies seen the most in commercials during this broadcast:  Xfinity (8 times); Geico 7 times); Coca-Cola (6 times); Blue-Emu (6 times)


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