NASCAR on Fox continued its tradition of engaging Grand Marshalls on Sunday with the Hip Hop Duo, Tag Team.  Thanks to Geico, the first thing a lot of people think of when they see them now is dancing while thinking of ice cream.  After the race, the original song, “Whoomp, There it Is,” could also be altered to, “Tossin’ Joey Up in the Air, Now Bubba Tryin’ to Catch Him, He falls down.”  There were eight Geico ads during this broadcast, and for those who like to know precisely how many others there were, and how much time they took during the broadcast, here is this week’s breakdown.

Race and Commercial Breakdown of the 2021 Geico 500


Start time to record race/commercial periods: 2:00 PM

End time to record race/commercial periods:  5:46 PM


Minutes of race broadcast:  177

Minutes of traditional commercials:  49

Minutes of side-by-side commercials:  9


Total number of commercials:  138

Total number of companies or entities advertised:  55

Total number of traditional commercials (not split-screen):  112

Total number of companies or entities advertised:  51

Total number of ‘Side-by-Side’ commercials during the broadcast (split-screen):  26

Total number of companies or entities advertised:  16

Number of times Fox utilized ‘Side-by-Side’ commercials during the broadcast:  4

See much more at CawsNJaws.


5:17 PM — 5:20 PM

Ram Trucks; Progressive; Busch Light; Boxing on Fox Sports PPV; ; AmeriSave

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