Everyone has heard of the ‘Lincoln-Kennedy Coincidences,‘ a list of eerie parallels between those two famous US Presidents. On Sunday, at the ‘Buschy McBush Race 400,‘ Kyle Busch was the victor, and racing pundits everywhere were sharing their chuckles with their readers at the funniness of that. Most certainly, Kevin Harvick, a driver with Busch Beer as one of his main sponsors, found little humor in that particular fact. But he may take comfort that his sponsor was seen in commercials during the race five times. For those who like to know precisely how many other companies were represented, and how much time they took during the broadcast, here is this week‘s breakdown.

Race and Commercial Breakdown of the 2021 Buschy McBusch Race 400

Start time to record race/commercial periods: 2:54 PM
End time to record race/commercial periods: 6:19 PM
Total minutes of complete race broadcast: 205
Minutes of race broadcast: 168
Minutes of traditional commercials: 37
Minutes of side-by-side commercials: 7

Total number of commercials: 111
Total number of companies or entities advertised: 54
Total number of traditional commercials (not split-screen): 95
Total number of companies or entities advertised: 52
Total number of ‘Side-by-Side‘ commercials during the broadcast (split-screen): 16
Total number of companies or entities advertised: 17
Number of times FS1 utilized ‘Side-by-Side‘ commercials during the broadcast: 3

Companies seen the most in commercials during this broadcast: Xfinity (7 times); Geico (6 times); Coca-Cola (5 times); Busch Beer (5 times); Applebee‘s (5 times); Ram Trucks (5 times); Toyota (5 times)


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