NASCAR has capped teams at seven cars per driver for the entire year [of 2022], but that outlay — coupled with the current stock of chassis being discarded — means that the projected savings for teams won‘t be apparent until beyond next season.

“The notion that 2022 will bring savings is false, this car undoubtedly will need to be massaged, it won‘t be perfect coming out of the gates, nothing ever is,” said [Toyota Racing president David] Wilson. “Most of the teams are kinda holding their breath a little bit, and obviously the current car [will be] effectively obsolete, so it does require all of the teams to purchase a new inventory.

“So there is an investment up front, but by nature of the standardization of most of the car, there will be significant savings in the long term.”

With teams no longer building their own tube-frame chassis or manufacturing a host of pieces that will now be supplied by single-source manufacturers, fabrication costs will be reduced from the start of next year.


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