NASCAR Driver, Spencer Boyd today announced a game-changing partnership with technology disruptor, DevTeamSix.  Specialists in blockchain, dApp, user experience production and the creator of CreamPYE, DevTeamSix is thrilled to introduce MiniDOGE, the world‘s first auto-boost, hyper deflationary coin.

“I didn‘t know much about crypto-currency until I had a conversation with DevTeamSix,” remarked Spencer Boyd.  “They were able to explain it in a way I could understand and make me feel comfortable with their platform.  We have a lot of big plans together and today‘s announcement is only the beginning!”

At the heart of what MiniDOGE represents is charity.  They strive to build a best-in-class community with active members who are part of the evolution of MiniDOGE.  With their first donation of $100,000 to Hope for Paws in June, they are looking to inspire people to join the movement and help donate to animal shelters worldwide. Together we can help animals find their way back to their original home or find a new safe family to love them.

Community Manager for DevTeamSix, Nereus Noshirwani, spoke about the partnership with Spencer Boyd Racing, “Spencer‘s attention to business is what caught our eye.  He is a go-getter and expects great things in the future, as do we.  Our goal is to help take Spencer to the moon while saving animals on our way.”

The partnership will be kicked off with some primary sponsorship races in 2021, but further details will be unveiled in the days and weeks to come with a series of exciting announcements.

— Spencer Boyd Racing —

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