Stewart-Haas Racing has two drivers locked into the postseason heading into NASCAR‘s regular Cup season finale this Saturday at Daytona, but team owner Tony Stewart still sees much room for improvement at the four-car Cup operation.

“It‘s not been a season that we‘re proud of by any means,” Stewart said. “We definitely have a problem in our organization, and it‘s not with people. But there‘s something that we‘re missing on that‘s cost us the entire season up to this point and we can‘t find it, but we know there‘s something fundamentally wrong.”

“That‘s the first part of the solution: Is knowing what the problem is,” Stewart said. “So it‘s frustrating because we‘re all sitting there scratching our heads trying to figure out what is wrong and what‘s going on … We‘re kind of in a weird year where parts are frozen on the motor side and on the chassis side, and there are some of the parts and components that we are not allowed to develop, so those parts were submitted last fall and we‘re stuck with those.”

“… We‘re having to make the best with what we have,” Stewart continued. “I think some of the other teams probably found some stuff late in the season last year that was a good move for them, and that got them locked into those parts for this year. We just got ourselves behind … We have to figure out how to make it work for the rest of the season and go forward.”

— Charlotte Observer —


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