Spencer Boyd will make his fourth NASCAR Xfinity Series start of the 2021 season this weekend at Bristol Motor Speedway, and his second in as many weeks for DGM Racing. He’ll have sponsorship from Alloy Employer Services and BeerPongToss. 

On Wednesday (Sept. 15), Boyd teased a sponsorship announcement on Twitter with Josh Williams. Later that evening, he posted the photo of his No. 90 Chevrolet. 

Alloy Employer Services has been Williams’ primary sponsor for the majority 2021 season.

It‘s Bristol Baby! 🍻 #90 @AlloyEmployer | @TossBeer | @bludlubricants Chevy Camaro pic.twitter.com/f5zbZsshY8

— Spencer Boyd (@SpencerBoyd) September 15, 2021

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