NASCAR has announced new truck body updates beginning with the 2022 NASCAR Camping World Truck Series season.

The sanctioning body will permit Chevrolet, Ford and Toyota to update their truck noses and tails to better match production trucks for consumers, while adding more identity from the front fascia (nose of the truck) to the A-post.

“We‘re always looking for ways to be more relevant for our OEMs,” John Probst, NASCAR‘s senior vice president of innovation and racing development, told “One of the ways to do that is to have the products on the race track more accurately reflect what‘s available in the showroom. I think you‘ll see a lot more characteristics of the production trucks in the trucks that you see on track in 2022.”

While NASCAR would like all Truck Series teams to compete with the new body in 2022, the current body will also be approved for competition in 2022 to assist teams in the management of costs.

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