Kelley Earnhardt Miller, co-owner of JR Motorsports, says “the window is not closed” for a potential shift to Cup, but she told NBC Sports‘ Zach Sturniolo this week that the timing would need to be right.

JR Motorsports has looked at a Cup operation but there have been several challenges. Those have ranged from acquiring a charter to if the team would need another partner since co-owner Rick Hendrick would have to divest from the team because no person can have ownership in more than one Cup team.

“To me, it‘s all about timing,” Earnhardt Miller said. “What‘s going to make sense, right? So, we were thinking through it last year, in terms of the new car. Obviously, that kind of propelled our thought process on … that barrier of entry and … what we thought would be more competitive.”

“I‘m really all about timing,” Earnhardt Miller said. “I don‘t like to rush things. If I absolutely feel 100 percent good about it, I‘m ready to pull the trigger. But if I have reservations, I‘m ready to do my due diligence.”

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