Many fans of racing are extremely passionate about the sport and each person seems to have one driver that is ‘their driver‘. Cody DeForge and Race City Sports Memorabilia help you show off your devotion to that driver by providing you with a large collection of racing memorabilia to help you start or complete your collection.

Cody‘s love of stock car racing spilled over to the fundraising side of the sport where he brought an opportunity to his fans and followers to become involved with Jesse Little at the Darlington Race on Friday, May 27. Race City  Sports Memorabilia will be on Jesse’s truck, and for $50 Race City Sports Memorabilia will add your name to the hood to ride along with Jesse at Charlotte Motor Speedway, America‘s Home for Racing.

In addition to this grassroots type of funding, Race City Sports Memorabilia will be creating a custom diecast of the truck for purchase. Each person who donates $50 will be entered into a drawing for one of the diecasts, and there are a few spots remaining. Please reach out to Cody at to secure your spot.

Race City Sports Memorabilia was created to help race fans grow their collection of top-notch memorabilia. Check out Racing City Sports Memorabilia‘s Facebook group to find the perfect piece of memorabilia to add to your collection and to learn more about the collaboration with Jesse,  and Facebook Page to read about all things NASCAR.

— Team Little Racing —

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