Antioch Speedway and the PROmotions team are saddened, shocked and stunned to learn of the loss of our former promoter John M. Soares.

John had many accomplishments accredited to his resume from driver to promoter. He could drive the wheels off of basically anything he got into from NASCARS premier series to the local dirt track.

He competed in 13 events in what would eventually become the Sprint Cup Series earning two top tens.

He also competed at local dirt tracks with an impressive record earning him a spot in the Antioch Speedway Hall of Fame not only as a driver but, a promoter.

John may have been a little rough at times but, he was always about the show and trying to keep his fans happy.
His Favorite Saying being “You mess with the bull, You get the horn.”

John was the promoter at Antioch Speedway for 20 years along with his beautiful wife Donna who passed away not that long ago. However, He’s been a part of Antioch Speedway for much longer than that. Infact, On the top of the front stretch wall close to the concessions, You can still read where he engraved “John Soares 1970 Hard Tops”

At that time the Donna Soares Memorial Race was started.

Antioch Speedway will be renaming that race the Soares Memorial in honor of both John and Donna Soares.
John will be deeply missed by all!

John M. Soares
May 18th, 1942 – July 16th, 2022

Antioch Speedway

Searles ran 13 Cup races in the 1970s and 1980s.

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