NASCAR announced Saturday evening that the #42 and #43 Petty GMS Racing teams in the NASCAR Cup Series have been assessed an L1 penalty for violating Section 14.6.5.E Rocker Box Assemblies of the NASCAR Rule Book:

The rocker box vent hole in the front tire extraction area must have metal screen installed to the inner surface with a minimum 0.25 inch opening size. The screen may be bonded or mechanically fastened to the internal surface of the rocker box.

The teams have been assessed with the loss of 35 driver and owner points, and the crew chiefs for both cars have been ejected for the weekend.

AND: Petty GMS will not appeal the penalties.

Joey Coehn will serve as crew chief for Ty Dillon while Danny Efland will work with Erik Jones.

— Petty GMS (@PettyGMS) July 23, 2022

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