Zane Smith secured the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series regular-season championship Saturday afternoon. The regular-season title comes with 15 bonus points heading into the Truck Series playoffs which begin next week at Indianapolis.

ZANE SMITH, No. 38 #BraveLikeWyatt Ford F-150

LOOKING AHEAD TO THE PLAYOFFS, WHAT DO YOU CARRY WITH YOU? “Honestly, I just have to give huge props to FRM and all our sponsors throughout the regular season. The team has brought me some really fast Ford‘s this year. Today was a major struggle though. We started out from the green flag to pretty much the end of Stage 2, our throttle was sticking and everything we were doing wasn‘t fixing it. I was a little worried there at times because I knew that I just had to have a couple of points and then you see the 18 up there as well. A long, long day once we did get it right we still fought a really tight truck. But there is no giving up. This race is just so short to try to get your truck right. I am glad we are on to the playoffs and ready to get that started.”

WHAT DOES THE REGULAR SEASON TITLE MEAN TO YOU, AND HOW IMPORTANT ARE THOSE 15 BONUS POINTS? “Yeah, those points are huge. We had that circled at the very beginning of the year. Honestly, for most of it, it was such a tight battle between the six of us. We kept at it and just put together four solid races and I feel like that is what got us into this big points buffer. Fortunately, we had that today because we obviously needed it. I am happy to have that and move on with those extra points to better our odds in the playoffs.”

CAN YOU PUT YOUR FINGER ON WHAT IT WAS THAT CLICKED FOR YOU AND YOUR TEAM TO BE ABLE TO WIN THIS CHAMPIONSHIP? “I think just communication. We started out our year as best as we possibly could at Daytona. From there on we have shown speed each and every weekend. I think this is like our second worst finish all year. That is still pretty good. I am disappointed in our new truck that we brought here today. We had higher hopes for it than that and it just wasn‘t quite there. But we know we have some rockets back at the shop, so we will bring those into the playoffs.”

LOOKING AT THE PLAYOFF RACES, DO ANY STAND OUT TO YOU? “All of them. I feel like Kansas is probably a big one for us to look at. That one showed what we are really capable of. We had a really fast Ford there. I don’t know. I am trying not to get too excited for it because a lot of times you do that and then you go there and you suck. I am trying to approach it just like we did earlier in the year. But I feel like that will definitely be a good one for us.”

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