Founded in 2020 and debuting with the 2021 Cup Series season, Trackhouse is owner Justin Marks‘ vision of the future of NASCAR, and it‘s had a fast track to success.

Consider having rapper Pitbull as a partner in the two-car team; buying diamond-encrusted rings for every employee after the team‘s first win; and bringing in a Formula One world champion for a one-off race. The status quo has no parking space at Trackhouse.

Just like [Ross Chastain], Marks has been on a journey of his own, learning the ropes of team ownership and trying to be disruptive and innovative while acting within the confines of the sport. And Marks has designs to eventually take the brand into other forms of sports, motorsports and entertainment.

The son of Silicon Valley private equity baron and former Golden State Warriors investor Michael Marks, Justin Marks has entrepreneurialism in his blood.

Marks has said he‘d like to run a Trackhouse entry in the Indianapolis 500 one day, and he told SBJ he‘s looking at the sports car/hypercar space.

“We have a lot on our radar right now that we‘re going to pursue,” Norris said, “but we‘ll always do it knowing the success of the NASCAR race team is the hub of what spins the wheel.”

Whether the team can keep up this level of success will be a closely watched topic next year. Marks has been left frustrated by how the seventh-generation car model that NASCAR debuted this year has “been every bit the fiscal challenge that the old car was.” However, there were 19 different winners this season, a sign of extreme parity in the sport, and Marks noted that the car has “delivered in spades” from that regard.

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