Dennis Hirtz wants to enter the top class of NASCAR with his 3F Racing team and has already taken some initial steps to get started.

Hirtz, 39, has purchased his NASCAR license as an owner and secured the No. 30 entry. 3F Racing has been incorporated as a company and registered in the United States.

“Where will be a big surprise in American racing from spring 2023, because from then on German will be spoken there for the first time,” Hirtz told “The wording is very important to me, because we want to build a U.S. team with roots in Germany.”

The racing team will be led by a German and some of the employees will also be from Europe, including Germany. However, Hirtz knows Charlotte, N.C., like the back of his hand thanks to his family, which ran a medical technology company in North Carolina.

The former marketing director of Phoenix Racing in DTM and GT3 racing has a good relationship with General Motors, which is why he got the nod for support for the team from Chevrolet.

Christopher Tate and Ryan Vargas are two young up-and-coming drivers who have a close relationship with Hirtz and will be an option for 3F Racing in the future. However, Hirtz wants to rely on experienced drivers in the beginning to establish himself in the Cup Series.

Hirtz is targeting the team‘s debut at the fifth round of the season at Atlanta Motor Speedway.


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