Casey Mears, now a resident of Scottsdale, Arizona, has been a long-time friend of  (Jimmie) Johnson‘s. With the seven-time champion now being a co-owner of Legacy M.C. and only competing in five races this upcoming season, speculation began to swirl about the potential of Mears joining the newly-branded Chevrolet organization.

“I was looking at stats a little while ago and I never really realized where I was as far as starts go,” Mears said. “I‘m 11 away from 500. I would love to figure out how to put an 11-race schedule together with somebody just to cap it off.

“I‘m nowhere near that, because there‘s no conversations going on, but the thought popped into my mind. To see a guy like Jimmie come back, and to see a lot of guys that I raced with still doing it on a weekly basis, it makes me want to come back and somehow accomplish that.”

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