NASCAR execs are taking meetings with a host of digital media companies today and tomorrow, as the racing circuit‘s exclusive negotiating window with Fox and NBC ended today.

NASCAR execs still haven‘t decided how to structure a digital streaming package, waiting to hear plans suggested by companies like Amazon, Apple and Google/YouTube. It‘s unlikely that NASCAR will offer its marquee events, such as the Daytona 500 or NASCAR playoffs, to a streamer.

Most likely, NASCAR will look to carve out a mid-summer package of races, similar to the six-race package TNT carried until 2014. The thought is that digital companies will have interest in these races that generally bring in solid TV audiences and have little competition from other sports.

Even though NASCAR let its exclusive negotiating window with Fox and NBC lapse, it still appears likely that it will renew with those two broadcasters, possibly by the end of June at the earliest.

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