JTG Daugherty Racing is thrilled to join Drumstick® in commemorating 95 Years of sundae cones by co-branding Ricky Stenhouse Jr.‘s No. 47 Kroger® Racing Camaro at New Hampshire Motor Speedway during the Crayon 301. What makes it even more exciting is that millions of NASCAR fans will witness Drumstick® on the car for a Cup Series race coinciding with National Ice Cream Day, July 16.

“What better way to celebrate National Ice Cream Day than with a Drumstick® sundae cone?” said Elmer Gonzalez, Brand Manager for Drumstick®. “We‘re excited to partner with DAYTONA 500 CHAMPION Ricky Stenhouse Jr. and can‘t wait to see America‘s favorite sundae cone at New Hampshire Motor Speedway.”

Founded in 1928, Drumstick® Is The Original Sundae Cone® and a perfect match for JTG Daugherty Racing due to the team‘s strong affinity for the brand. Moreover, our competition director, Ernie Cope, ensures the No. 47 Kroger® Racing‘s freezer is stocked full of boxes of Drumstick®. This tradition has been upheld for years, highlighting the enduring partnership between Drumstick® and the team.

“Having Drumstick® in the freezer is mandatory,” said Ernie Cope. “This tradition actually goes back to when I worked for another team (Kevin Harvick Incorporated). So, since 2008, I‘ve been making sure there‘s plenty of Drumstick® in the freezer for race weekends.”

During the recent race weekend at Atlanta Motor Speedway, Stenhouse Jr. secured his 51st career top-10 (10th) finish in the rain-shortened event. The finish is a momentum builder for the DAYTONA 500 CHAMPION as he prepares to take on New Hampshire Motor Speedway with the No. 47 Kroger® / Drumstick® Camaro, where he already has a pair of top-10 finishes.

“New Hampshire is a shorter flat track,” said Stenhouse Jr. “Track position is going to be key. It‘s going to be important for us to qualify well there.”

Live coverage of the Crayon 301 on National Ice Cream Day kicks off at 2:30 PM ET on USA, SIRIUSXM, and PRN.

— JTG Daugherty Racing —

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