NASCAR® and nVenue, announced today a groundbreaking multi-year partnership to develop in-race micro-betting markets and predictive content for race fans nationwide. As part of the agreement, NASCAR will work with nVenue, an innovative micro-betting technology company, as an official micro-betting data and technology provider.

NASCAR’s active commitment to fostering innovation and enhancing the fan experience, combined with nVenue’s specialized technological expertise, has strategically positioned the collaboration for a resounding success.

“This collaboration epitomizes a shared vision to entertain fans and enhance the race viewing experience,” said Joe Solosky, NASCAR managing director of sports betting. “We are thrilled to pair our racing product with expert technology like nVenue‘s to bring micro-betting to NASCAR fans going forward.”

As an official micro-betting partner, nVenue will collaborate directly with the league to design and develop in-race odds for delivery to NASCAR fans via sportsbooks and operators. Unlike traditional betting markets focused on the end-of-race outcome, in-race markets will include unique betting windows such as stage results, qualifying, pit road betting opportunities, and more. nVenue will leverage official live racetrack data along with historical race data points to generate predictions and odds for each race and driver. These newly developed betting opportunities present thousands of additional ways for fans to engage throughout a single race.

“nVenue is thrilled to partner with the NASCAR team to build the future of in-race betting and live engagements to delight fans for years to come,” says Kelly Pracht, CEO and Co-Founder of nVenue. She continued, “It is a terrific match: nVenue brings the real-time predictive sports platform designed for micro-bets and media, and NASCAR brings the mind-share and reach of a league ready to innovate leveled-up fan experiences. We predict this industry-first collaboration will be significantly beneficial not only for sportsbooks and media, but also for NASCAR‘s base of knowledgeable, and new fans.”


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