Brodie Kostecki will ideally compete in up to three NASCAR Cup Series races next year, according to his manager.

While Kostecki is pouring full focus into securing the 2023 Supercars title, his agent Nathan Cayzer of Cayzer Management is keeping an eye on a slightly expanded American campaign.

Kostecki definitely won‘t race in NASCAR again until 2024, having made a one-off appearance last month at Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Richard Childress Racing is pretty keen to have him back and they‘ve been very open about that,” Cayzer told V8 Sleuth.

“So once everyone has got the schedule and we know what here looks like, which has always been the priority and what it needs to be, and then we‘ll look at what next year looks like with NASCAR — then we can try to work in a schedule that works for both of us.”

Asked how many events Kostecki is looking at, Cayzer responded: “I think if you could do two or three would be great.

V8 Sleuth

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