Matt Kenseth made his first appearance for Legacy Motor Club last weekend at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. The Class of 2023 NASCAR Hall of Fame member and former Cup champion spoke to NBC Sports and The Associated Press about his role with the team and moving forward.

KENSETH: “I would say after a year or two probably of not driving, I‘ve kind of wanted to get back in and go do something. I didn‘t know what it was going to be or what it was going to look like. It really just came up and just made a lot of sense. … I had several conversations with (Jimmie) and a couple with (Cal Wells, who became Legacy Motor Club‘s chief executive officer on July 26), and we kind of laid out what it would be to just kind of get started and see where it goes from there.”

Q: You raced for Toyota at Joe Gibbs Racing. What can you bring from your relationship with Toyota as Legacy Motor Club moves to that manufacturer after this season?

KENSETH: “Obviously, I‘m not a technical guy, I‘m not going to really be helping (with) necessarily the nuts and bolts and making the cars faster. I‘m more of an advisory role and kind of see what‘s going on and be able to help the drivers … and make the team strong.”

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