Today, marks a milestone change for NASCAR Xfinity Series car owner Mike Harmon. Mike is pleased to announce that his NASCAR Xfinity teams will be returning to the familiar Mike Harmon Racing — MHR — for the 2024 season, fielding the No. 74 Chevrolet Camaros, from its headquarters in Denver, North Carolina.

Mike, states “I built this program decades ago, with blood sweat and tears, while our 2023 season was not the most desirable, we had help from the top-tier teams that got us through, and I can‘t thank them enough.” Harmon further went on to state, “There‘s no quit in us! We work hard and are even more committed to work harder in this off season, to prepare for Daytona.”

While preparations for the 2024 season, are in full swing at MHR, Mike Harmon and his team are continuing to look for marketing partners to make those cars go as fast as Xfinity 10G. The team will undergo numerous organizational changes this off season with announcements coming in the weeks to follow.

For Mike Harmon, who has raced in 291 NASCAR Xfinity races, 27th on the all-time starts list, explains, “Last year was not what I had envisioned; we were sold a bunch of goods from a so called “partner” who said they‘d help move our program forward, both with financial investment and help getting us marketing partners. We didn‘t get what was promised to us. The only thing we got, was abandoned and an attempt to ruin our reputation. While the weather wasn‘t much of a help to begin our season, especially with no points going into Daytona, it made it tough for the first half of the season. It wasn‘t fair to our long-term partners that still believe in us and to our fans who support us, that the help wasn‘t there, until we began to run better, the “partner” then they took valuable sponsorship to other teams, in an attempt to shut us down. This is his track record though, we knew better.

“Racing is hard enough, the Xfinity Series has some of the toughest competition I‘ve seen in years, you can‘t race on empty promises. MHR is fully committed to quality starts and finishes. At MHR, our marketing partners are a top priority, ensuring that their brand is recognized, and value is added, to the fans who support us, we appreciate them all and they are never forgotten.”

— Mike Harmon Racing —

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