RFK Racing, one of the most successful teams in NASCAR history, is proud to announce the launch of the RFK TeK Alliance, a cutting-edge technology division aimed at pushing the boundaries of performance and innovation within the racing industry.

The RFK TeK Alliance represents a strategic move by RFK Racing to further strengthen its commitment to excellence and technological advancement. With a focus on developing state-of-the-art solutions for its racing teams and enthusiasts alike, RFK TeK will bring together a team of experts in engineering, data analysis, software solutions and other technologies to drive progress in the highly competitive world of motorsports.

“As we continue to evolve and seek new ways to excel in the world of racing, the launch of the RFK TeK Alliance is a natural progression for RFK Racing,” said RFK President Steve Newmark. “Our goal is to establish RFK as the premier ‘Tech‘ Team in the NASCAR space — enticing cutting-edge companies to partner with RFK on both technological and marketing initiatives.

“This TeK Alliance will serve as a hub for innovation, fostering the development of groundbreaking technologies designed to enhance our own racing performance on and off the track.”

The RFK TeK Alliance will focus on a range of technological advancements, including vehicle dynamics, quality control, data analytics, and manufacturing operations among many others. The initiative brings together a wide array of tech-based companies with a focus on industry 4.0 and ensuring that RFK has the latest cutting-edge technology to continue pushing the boundaries of performance with speed, accuracy and precision.

RFK Racing was founded in 1988 by Hall of Fame team owner Jack Roush and has a rich history in motorsports innovation. The 2022 addition of team driver and co-owner Brad Keselowski, who also has a passion and business background in advanced technologies, further bolstered the strength of RFK‘s technological prowess.

The launch of RFK TeK reaffirms the team’s commitment to staying at the forefront of innovation in the racing world moving forward.

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