After a 55 G-force impact Thursday at Daytona that left Ryan Blaney sore and fuming, the reigning Cup champion says he does not plan to talk those who sparked that crash that crumpled his No. 12 Team Penske Ford and forced him to a backup car for the Daytona 500.

Blaney confirmed that Thursday‘s hit was 55 Gs. He said his crash at Daytona last August was 70 Gs. He gets this data through a mouthpiece developed by Wake Forest School of Medicine, one that collects on-track driver head kinematics and provides researchers with a way to study the impact of crashes on drivers.

Blaney said he‘s worn the optional mouthpiece since last June at Nashville — after Blaney hit a section of wall not protected by a SAFER barrier.

“I feel like the Nashville hit was by far the hardest hit I‘ve ever taken,” Blaney said. “I did not have a mouthpiece in for that. I had one in for the other two (crashes).

“The mouthpiece data is really good for us to see because you have the black box data from the car. But that‘s just showing the car G load and impact. The important one is what does the driver feel — not the most important — but it‘s a huge part of the equation.”


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