Fans now have a new way to engage with the high-octane action of NASCAR in the palms of their hands. Developer Hutch Games‘ long-awaited NASCAR Manager mobile title is now available free worldwide on iOS and Android.

NASCAR Manager combines the energy and excitement of NASCAR racing directly with the design and strategy of a manager-style game, all with ease of access from your smartphone.

In NASCAR Manager, players can compete in thrilling 1v1 contests with the toughest rival racers from around the world.

Managers recruit and train drivers, customize liveries, refine their car‘s tuning, make decisions under pressure, and more.

Do you go full throttle from the start, or save fuel and tires for a late surge? You‘re in charge. You call the shots.

From player-vs-player duels and monthly exhibitions to weekly leagues, there are endless ways for racers to prove themselves.

The first iteration of NASCAR Manager includes real-world tracks, such as DAYTONA International Speedway and Talladega Superspeedway.

It also features real-life stock cars like the Chevrolet Next Gen Camaro ZL1.

NASCAR Manager will be consistently updated to include NASCAR-related intellectual property, and will listen to fan feedback to create the best possible user experience. Additional tracks and NASCAR Cup Series race teams will be featured in future updates.

Game Features Include:

BEAT YOUR RIVAL — Rise through the leagues and win checkered flags to earn epic rewards.

SEIZE THE INITIATIVE — Make split-second management decisions as you go head-to-head in exciting PvP racing modes.

RACE TOGETHER — Join a club and work as a team — earn reputation for your club and compete in exhibitions to win legendary perks.

TAKE CONTROL — Recruit and train drivers to create your ultimate team, complete with unique custom liveries and detailed car tuning.

DEEP STRATEGY — Set your pit stop strategy while keeping your cool in the heat of the race and react to cautions, draft partners, stage points and playoff points as you push your vehicles to the limit. Pull off genius tactical management orders.

Download NASCAR Manager here:


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