Comcast‘s Xfinity telecommunications brand is in discussions with NASCAR over a new sponsorship deal that would start in 2025, but it‘s still possible that this could be the last year of the Xfinity Series entitlement.

Comcast VP/Branded Partnerships & Activation Matt Lederer says the company is actively evaluating a new sponsorship agreement with NASCAR, but the company is “not trying to look at what Year 11 looks like but really, how does this become Year 1 of a new deal?”

Asked if the Xfinity Series asset will be a necessity for a renewal, Lederer suggested that it won‘t be, though they‘re still working through negotiations. “It‘s a little too early for us to give a really good answer on that, but I would say that as we‘ve learned the sport over the last 10 years, we‘ve learned the ecosystem of NASCAR has a lot of tentacles and there‘s a lot of ways to engage with the fanbase,” he said. “The Xfinity Series for us has been the gold star across all those areas, but it‘s a little too early to say what a new deal would look like.”

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