LEGACY MOTOR CLUB today announced a partnership with D3O®, (pronounced Dee — three- oh) the world‘s leading protection brand. D3O develops unique products used to protect against impact and dampen vibration. The iconic orange D3O material is used by global brands in sports, electronics, motorcycle, mountain bike, defense, law enforcement and industrial workwear.

D3O has recently been working in Formula 1 to enhance driver performance by optimizing the energy management properties of cars for multiple teams including the US team, Moneygram Haas. The partnership with LEGACY MOTOR CLUB is D3O‘s first foray into NASCAR.

“We are excited to partner with D3O to know that we are providing the best possible solutions for our athletes and engineering projects around impact protection,” said Joey Cohen, VP of Race Operations. “D3O has a strong belief in pushing the limits of what is possible and innovating to a higher standard. These values align very well with our race team and how we look to take those principles and apply them on the racetrack. LEGACY M.C. knows that D3O will continuously provide the CLUB with the edge we are looking for in NASCAR when it comes to the products and solutions they offer. We are excited to welcome them to the sport as a CLUB technology partner.”

D3O‘s patented orange material available in many different forms is engineered for specific markets and applications and serves to protect athletes at all levels of the sport with low-profile impact protection that doesn‘t compromise performance.

“Our new partnership with LEGACY M.C. marks D3O’s inaugural venture into NASCAR.” Said Richard Harfoot, Head of Motorsport at D3O. “LEGACY M.C. is utilizing our unique material to protect its drivers in an innovative way. By providing unrivalled protection against impact and vibration, D3O gives drivers a subconscious advantage by removing fear, allowing them to perform without distraction. We are excited about how D3O can support the LEGACY M.C. team this season and beyond”

“Gaining a technology partner like D3O is a huge advantage for the CLUB – especially when it comes to athlete safety,” said Jimmie Johnson, LEGACY M.C. co-owner. “Anytime we can bring cutting-edge technology like this into our sport is smart. Our engineering group is looking forward to this partnership and association.”

The first official outing for D3O in the LEGACY M.C. team was at Daytona International Speedway, with the ultimate test of D3O‘s technology set to come at the Bristol Motor Speedway on March 17th.

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