NASCAR show-and-tell was in session Saturday morning at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, with two different examples of aerodynamic gamesmanship displayed in the Cup Series‘ officials hauler. One device was from the top portions of two cars; the other came from a champion driver‘s hands, in what Cup Series director Brad Moran admitted, “for me, this is a one-off.”

The confiscated and unapproved gloves used by Joey Logano in his qualifying lap last weekend at Atlanta Motor Speedway were shown by competition officials Saturday, along with the seized roof rails from Stewart-Haas Racing‘s Nos. 10 and 41 Fords. The gloves — which were not compliant with SFI-approved standards — had all five fingers connected by webbed fabric, resembling something a middle infielder would use to snag one-hoppers on the baseball diamond.

This is the Joey Logano glove from Atlanta last week that resulted in the $10,000 fine and drive through penalty at the start of the race.

The webbing is a safety violation and also deflects air.

— Dustin Albino (@DustinAlbino) March 2, 2024

The roof rails of the Nos. 10 and 41 cars were bent and the holes were dented. They are supposed to be completely flat, meaning they were compressed to some magnitude.

— Dustin Albino (@DustinAlbino) March 2, 2024

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