Phoenix pole-winner Denny Hamlin said the new short track package is slightly better than what was run last year but added another way to improve the racing would be to increase horsepower.

Hamlin said that can be done with “one phone call.”

Asked what it would be like in his role as owner of 23XI Racing if horsepower was increased, Hamlin said Saturday: “You just call up Doug Yates (who oversees Ford‘s engine program) and (Toyota Racing Development) and say we are going to go back to our old 750 plate — it can be before next weekend, and they said it wouldn‘t change any of our durability we have. It can be done with one phone call with no additional money.”

“The more you can get us out of the gas, which means if we have more horsepower, we have to let off sooner, that gives us the opportunity to overtake for the cars behind. Fifty horsepower, while it may not be a game changer, any horsepower gain will be an advantage for passing.”

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