NASCAR driver, North Carolina native and Hellmann’s partner Dale Earnhardt Jr. joined Hellmann‘s in Toast to help encourage the removal of mayonnaise among locals.

Dale also advocated for locals to try ‘mayo on the outside‘ grilled cheese sandwiches for free at Hellmann‘s Pop-Up, located on the outskirts of town at the Mount Airy Food Lion. Some skeptics were converted into mayo grilled cheese believers!

Hellmann’s billboards and signage along the roads leading into town warned locals of the mayonnaise removal beginning March 14.

Dale also went door-to-door removing mayo from homes and asked local business and restaurants to join in on the prohibition of mayo. Even the mayor joined the brand in the Hellmann‘s removal.

Hellmann‘s shared their own Perfectly Grilled Cheese Recipe for folks to continue enjoying this new way to make toasty sandwiches leading into National Grilled Cheese Day on April 12.

— Edelman —

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