Sonoma Raceway is proud to announce the launch of an all-new experience for race fans at the upcoming NASCAR event. On Saturday, June 8, the “Farm to Finish Line” event, located in the Tech Garage adjacent to the Fan Zone, will celebrate California‘s rich agricultural heritage and offer a fun and educational experience for fans of all ages.

Fans can explore booths from local farmers and ranchers, showcasing the bounty of California‘s diverse agricultural landscape. Kids can try their hand at roping and lassoing and also get to race tractors within the friendly confines of the Tech Garage!

In addition to the vendor booths, the new event will feature agricultural education displays, offering insights into the innovative techniques and practices that sustain California‘s thriving agricultural industry. Knowledgeable speakers will be on hand to share their expertise and provide valuable information about the importance of agriculture in our daily lives. Guests will enjoy giveaways and prizes for participation throughout the day.

“Being situated on a former dairy farm, it‘s a perfect fit to showcase California‘s agricultural history,” said Sonoma Raceway Executive Vice President and General Manager, Brian Flynn.  “We‘ve taken our Tech Garage and turned it into an Ag Pavilion, there‘s fun for everybody.”

“We are proud of our agricultural heritage and are always up for showcasing our love for stewarding the land, protecting natural resources, and feeding our community of Sonoma County, and beyond,” said Dayna Ghirardelli, executive director of Sonoma County Farm Bureau. “We are revving up for fun-filled day at Sonoma Raceway!”

Don‘t miss the unique opportunity to experience the intersection of agriculture and racing at Sonoma Raceway‘s Farm to Finish Line on Saturday, June 8.

— Sonoma Raceway —

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