Today, SiriusXM announced a new, exclusive podcast agreement with Dirty Mo Media, the multimedia content platform of NASCAR Hall-of-Famer Dale Earnhardt Jr. The deal brings both exclusive advertising and distribution rights to Dirty Mo‘s impressive slate of programming to the SiriusXM Podcast Network, as well as unique opportunities for exclusive-to-SiriusXM crossover events between Dirty Mo and SiriusXM NASCAR Radio. Earnhardt Jr.‘s own podcast, “Dale Jr. Download,” will begin airing twice a week on the SiriusXM NASCAR Radio channel starting in early June. Additionally, the two companies will collaborate on several special event broadcasts throughout the year, including at the Daytona 500.

“This is a great day for our company,” said Earnhardt Jr. “This agreement allows us to continue producing the shows we want to produce and telling the stories we want to tell to an audience that values our brand of originality, passion and candor.

“This also brings my relationship with SiriusXM full circle. I first started hosting my own show nearly two decades ago on XM Satellite Radio. We did it for a couple years. Since then, nothing has changed other than I‘m now a married father of two, I don‘t race as much, XM is called SiriusXM, and I am bringing an entire media company back with me.”

Founded in 2013 by Earnhardt and executive producer Mike Davis, Dirty Mo Media emerged as perhaps the most influential platform in motorsports thanks in large part to Earnhardt‘s rise to podcast prominence. In addition to building the podcast network, the company created and produced the TV/streaming series “Lost Speedways” in which Earnhardt visited and explored abandoned race tracks across America. Dirty Mo Media is now involved in the newly announced documentary series on Dale Earnhardt Sr. by Prime Video and Imagine Documentaries.

“One of our main areas of emphasis over the past year has been increasing our collaborations and expanding relationships,” said Davis. “A lot of that is simply knowing who we are, what we are trying to be and where we can be most affective. For Dirty Mo Media, we are a relatable, personality-driven brand of content creators and documentarians. Combine that with the reach, resources and credibility of SiriusXM, this relationship will produce fruit and serve our fans well.”

SiriusXM Media, the company‘s advertising division, gains exclusive global ad sales rights to Dirty Mo Media‘s slate of sports podcasts, including “Dale Jr. Download,” “Actions Detrimental with Denny Hamlin,” “Door Bumper Clear,” and more. These podcasts join the SiriusXM Podcast Network‘s growing stable of sports programming, which, alongside SiriusXM‘s incredible sports radio lineup, allows marketers to reach more passionate sports fans at scale. The SiriusXM Podcast Network reaches 1 in 2 podcast listeners in the US each month.

“We are very excited to team up with Dale Jr. and the team at Dirty Mo to bring several of the leading NASCAR podcasts into the SiriusXM Podcast Network,” said Sarah Van Mosel, SiriusXM‘s SVP of Podcast Strategy.  “This not only bolsters the strength of our podcast offerings, but the addition of the ‘Dale Jr. Download‘ to the SiriusXM NASCAR Radio channel enhances the programming available to our SiriusXM subscribers. This is another great example of the unique ways SiriusXM and talented creators like Dale and his team can work together.”

Dirty Mo Media joins the unparalleled lineup of podcasts and media companies represented exclusively by SiriusXM Media, including: “Conan O‘Brien Needs a Friend” and the complete Team Coco roster; SmartLess Media and its hit show “SmartLess” from Will Arnett, Jason Bateman, and Sean Hayes; Ashley Flowers‘ audiochuck and its chart-topping “Crime Junkie;” Crooked Media and its flagship “Pod Save America;” and many more; in addition to SiriusXM‘s own award-winning shows such as “The Mel Robbins Podcast” and “How Did This Get Made?”

Podcasts play a central role in the new SiriusXM app, which features transcription, playback speed adjustment, key moment markers, auto downloads, and an expanded library, with more to come in future releases. With discovery at the heart of the listening experience, SiriusXM offers a new platform for Dirty Mo‘s hosts to engage and connect with fans and listeners.

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