Autodesk will adorn the hood of Custer‘s No. 00 Ford Mustang Dark Horse for the first time of the season in an alpha-bravo paint scheme with Haas Automation. The company previously sponsored Custer from 2020 to 2022 in the NASCAR Cup Series. For four decades, Autodesk has worked together with its customers to transform how things are made, and in doing so, it has also transformed what can be made. A car‘s performance now inspires the method of its manufacture, a city‘s infrastructure helps predict the unpredictable, and the creation of ever-bigger universes shapes ever-bigger stories. Today, Autodesk‘s solutions span countless industries empowering innovators everywhere. But the company is restless to do more. Autodesk doesn‘t believe in waiting for progress, it believes in making it. By combining and recombining technologies. By blurring boundaries, reinventing rules, and merging fields. By unleashing talent and unlocking insights across industries. By helping customers converge on solutions to the challenges everyone faces today. Autodesk believes that with the right tools to work and think flexibly comes the power to transform what actually needs making. The power to design and make a better world for all.

— Stewart-Haas Racing —

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