Indianapolis 500 winner Josef Newgarden participated in the winners media tour Tuesday and was asked about his interest in competing in an Indianapolis 500 / Coca-Cola 600 double:

So now you have two Indy 500 wins. You’ve gone back to back. So can you do a double and race the NASCAR Cup race in Charlotte like Kyle Larson tried to do?

I want to. So bad. I want to terribly badly — but that’s not just a me thing. I think if you ask a lot of the drivers in the field, they would all relish in the opportunity to do the double. Kyle’s in a unique position. He’s earned that position. It’s part of his pedigree and his history in racing. He’s known as the guy that jumps in and out of a lot of cars. So I think it was really fitting that he was there. Believe me, everybody was very enthusiastic and happy that Kyle was there. And we all want Kyle to come back. Kyle definitely saw the magic of what Indianapolis is all about. And I think he wants to be a part of it. But for sure, we want to go the other way. I love NASCAR racing, too. I want to go run the double. And I think we need some IndyCar representatives to show the other way around on it. It’d be really fun. It’s also unique to hear his perspective — he thinks they’re much closer than they used to be in the past, the race cars, because NASCAR has gone to more of a spec chassis and also the aerodynamics on it, the way the cars drive. He thought they were more similar than different. So maybe now’s a great opportunity for an IndyCar guy. The NASCAR guys always had an easier time transferring to an IndyCar versus the other way around. But maybe now with the specifications of the cars, the IndyCar guys can have some success going over there.

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