Weather Consulting

Weather Services

The RaceWeather brand is part of ExoConsulting and your source of accurate forecasts and timely race weekend updates. And we do the one thing the apps can’t do: explain why and when. Our team of meteorologists have decades of motorsports forecasting experience, as well as experience in monitoring large events for public and business safety concerns.


Forensic Meteorology

Throughout his career, Dr. Studwell has led teams of scientists to produce results, ensure client safety, and work towards environmental justice. Our consulting background in the atmospheric sciences is highlighted by a strong track record in forensic meteorology, including the deposition process and testifying. and chapters of innovative research. ExoConsulting will work with your team to achieve your goals.

Article: “What is Forensic Meteorology?” (Jan 26, 2021)

Conference Presentations

Dr. Studwell has presented across North America and Europe in both academic and corporate settings. Known for his energy and engaging manner, Aaron is the person to work with your team to bring your successes to the audience. Additionally, his own research and insights into the sciences, science fiction, and the crossroads of where those topics meet will energize your convention and fan base.

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