Virginia International Raceway Weather - Virginia, Va IMSA Race Weather

Friday, August 25

Partly Sunny and Hot, 30% Chc of Showers

Low: 70°F

High: 94°F

W 5-10 mph

Saturday, August 26

Mostly Sunny, 20% Chc of Showers 

Low: 70°F

High: 91°F

N 5-10 mph

Sunday, August 27

Cloudy, 40% Chc of Showers & T-Storms

Low: 68°F

High: 86°F

NE 5-10 mph

Virginia, US
2:11 am, May 27
L: 65° H: 69°
Feels like 67.82 °F clear sky
Wind gusts: 3 m/s
UV Index: 0
Precipitation: 0 inch
Visibility: 10 km
Sunrise: 5:52 am
Sunset: 8:22 pm
Humidity 95 %
Pressure1011 mb
Wind 3 m/s

Forecast Discussion & Updates

IMSA – Michelin GT Challenge at VIR – VIRginia International Raceway 

Fri Aug 25 – Partly sunny and hot. 30% chance of afternoon showers. Total accumulation amounts around a tenth of an inch, can be higher in  High around 94°F. Low around 70°F. Winds West around 5-10 mph.


Sat Aug 26 – Mostly sunny. 20% chance of showers and thunderstorms. High around 91°F. Low around 70°F. Winds N 5-10 mph.


Sun Aug 27 – Cloudy. 40% chance of showers and thunderstorms. High around 86°F. Low around 68°F. Winds NE 5-10 mph.


All times in EDT

Updated: 08/24/23 11:00 AM EDT



IMSA Elizabeth Ohlemacher (@NHRA_weather), Aaron Studwell, Ph.D. (@RaceWeather), & Mark Sweeney (@IMSA_Wxman)

IndyCar @IndyCar_Wxman

NHRA Elizabeth Ohlemacher (@NHRA_weather)

NASCAR & Formula One Aaron Studwell, Ph.D. (@RaceWeather) & Elizabeth Ohlemacher (@NHRA_weather)

VIR offers five track configurations, of which two can be run simultaneously. The “Full Course” is 3.270 mi (5.263 km) in length while the “Patriot Course” stretches for 1.100 mi (1.770 km) entirely inside the Full Course. The “North Course” is 2.250 mi (3.621 km) long and the “South Course” covers a distance of 1.650 mi (2.655 km). Both consist of a portion of the “Full Course” and short connecting sections that connect to portions of the “Patriot Course” to produce the two courses that can run simultaneously. There is a second pit complex that is used only when running the “South Course”. The longest configuration, “Grand East Course”, is 4.200 mi (6.759 km) long, and combines most of the “Full Course” and most of the “Patriot Course” by means of two of the short sections of connecting track used to make the “South Course” and “North Course”. There is also another, seldom run, long configuration called the “Grand West Course” that uses the other two short connecting sections between the “Full Course” and the “Patriot Course.” Car and Driver magazine has an annual test of fast cars called “The Lightning Lap” using the “Grand West Course”.[1] Since the Patriot course is contained completely inside the Full Course, they can be run simultaneously.
The “Full Course” is the most common configuration. One of the most notable sections of the course, second only to “Oak Tree” (T11), are the “Climbing Esses” which consist of an initial left up-hill (T7), followed by a right which crests at the apex then dropping slightly into a left (T8) which again crests at the apex dropping slightly, and then up into a final left (T9). The complexity and difficulty of this section is multiplied by the incredible entry speed because of a straight section leading into the Climbing Esses. This is followed by a cresting blind left hand turn (T10), “South Bend”, that finishes in a steep downward slope. Another signature section is the “Roller Coaster” (T14) which is a scaled-down mirror image to the famed “Corkscrew” at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca.

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