F1 at Yas Marina Circuit (Dec 11 – 13)

Forecast – 12/10

A dry race weekend is on tap as a ridge of high pressure is expected to remain positioned over eastern Saudi Arabia. While cloud cover will be variable, conditions are expected to remain dry.

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Fri Dec 11 – FP1 & FP2: Sunny, NW winds, 16-24 kph (10-15 mph), 27/20 (80˚F/68˚F)

Sat Dec 12 – FP3 & Qualifying: Mostly sunny, AM Light & variable winds, PM NW winds, 10-20 kph (6-12 mph), 26/19 (78˚F/67˚F)

Sun Dec 13 – Abu Dhabi GP: Partly cloudy, AM Light & variable winds, PM NW winds, 10-20 kph (6-12 mph), 25/19 (77˚F/67˚F)

Using the World Climate Service (WCS) subseasonal forecast products, RaceWeather is now producing extended outlooks for both NASCAR and F1 weekends.

With the Formula One season coming to a close, this will be last extended outlook. Thank you for your support and interest in the extended forecasts.

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