Spencer ‘The Bald Eagle‘ Boyd has added another Made In America company to his sponsor lineup in 2021.  Eastlake, OH EZPOLE Flagpoles will be the primary sponsor of the Youngs Motorsports No. 20 Chevrolet Silverado at Bristol Motor Speedway in September.  A special tribute paint scheme will be run marking the 20th anniversary of the September 11 attacks.

“Never Forget is a term that we as Americans should honestly never forget,” said 25-year-old Boyd.  “That‘s why I‘ve teamed up with EZPOLE for this race.  They support our first responders and veterans everyday while providing jobs for hard-working Americans.  Nothing would please me more than to look up and see the Bristol Motor Speedway stands filled with American and Never Forget flags at our race in honor of all the families that lost loved-ones that day.”

EZPOLE manufacturers residential and commercial flagpoles so that people can fly their American Made flags on American Made poles.  “Most people don‘t realize the pole they fly their American flag on was made overseas,” said Todd Adkins of EZPOLE.  “We have a solution for that at EZPOLE, so jump on our website, www.ezpole.com to get a new residential flag and pole kit to represent the USA 100%.”

EZPOLE sells more than just American flags and flag poles on their website.  You can get your state‘s flag or a Gadsden flag on their website.  You can get accessories to light up your flag or mounts to mount your flagpole just about anywhere.  They also have The Patriot Store which sells apparel and other items to display your patriotism.

Firefighters were a huge part of the lifesaving efforts on September 11, 2001.  As such there are two parts of the partnership that honor firefighters.  EZPOLE is selling their limited edition ‘Champion Bred‘ t-shirts with UFC Fighter Stipe Miocic on EZPOLE.com with proceeds going to help out first responders.  The truck will also have a special passenger riding shotgun with Spencer for the race.  The late Danny Foley, FDNY firefighter and hunting friend of Spencer Boyd, will have his name grace the passenger side of the EZPOLE No. 20 for the race at Bristol.

Spencer Boyd reflected, “I‘m insanely proud to be an American.  I love to see new Americans come to our country and see what I see which is the greatest place on earth.  If it wasn‘t for the people that came before us to pave the way for our freedoms, we wouldn‘t be racing.  I just want to do my little bit to honor them.”

EZPOLE‘s first appearance with Boyd will be at Richmond Raceway on the No. 20 WML Enterprises Silverado.  The paint scheme for Spencer Boyd and EZPOLE‘s No. 20 Chevrolet Silverado will be unveiled at a later date.

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