The car that “saved” his life, according to NASCAR driver Ryan Newman is now part of his personal car collection housed in a garage at his home, he told a group of Wyndham Rewards members Wednesday during a video event.

Newman said he had never shown anyone the No. 6 Koch Ford Mustang that he almost won the 2020 Daytona 500 with for Roush Fenway Racing.

“I‘ve never done this but I am going to show you something, just for a split-second,” Newman told NASCAR announcer/pit reporter Matt Yocum, who was hosting a Zoom event as part of a “fireside chat” by Wyndham Hotels for its Wyndham Rewards members.

“This is the Daytona car from last year,” Newman said. “That‘s all I am going to show you because I have never showed anyone else but my point is this, people ask me, ‘why do you have it‘ or ‘why would you want that, it‘s such a bad memory?‘

“And it is not, to me, it‘s a memory that changed my life in lots of ways but ultimately, people ask me, ‘like why would you have it,‘ and I am like, how many chances do you have to have a trophy of something that saved your life. And I could go through the details and show you the cage and the seat and all that stuff. It‘s crazy, I shouldn‘t be standing here talking to ya‘ll. I should NOT, promise you, but for some reason, I was salvaged that day and it‘s special for me. It‘s a disaster. Nothing on it is worth anything, except everything it‘s worth something. And that is pretty special for me.”

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