A month before the 2017 season, Carl Edwards, one of NASCAR‘s most popular drivers, abruptly retired from the sport at age 37.

Since then, Edwards, a winner of 28 Cup races and the 2007 Xfinity championship, has remained out of the limelight while enjoying a life of farming and traveling instead of punctuating racing victories with back-flips.

As Kansas Speedway celebrates its 20th anniversary season next weekend with the May 2 NASCAR Cup Buschy McBusch Race 400, Edwards, of Columbia, agreed to a far-ranging question and answer session with The Star.

[Among the questions asked was about rumor he is interested in a campaign to replace retiring U.S. Senator Roy Blunt]

Q. Is your hat in the ring as a candidate to run in the Republican primary to replace U.S. Senator Roy Blunt?

Edwards: I don‘t have an active campaign going on. But I do believe in America, and I really do believe in the founding principles and individual freedom and liberty and sustainability of our way of life. There might be a day when I‘m able to help with that. I‘ve told people my views and that I care. That‘s why my name gets brought up. I care about America.

Read the entire interview at the Kansas City Star.

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