The debate about how ready NASCAR‘s new car is for its 2022 debut is raging in the racing industry, but the governing body remains resolute that the new model is going to deliver as expected.

The stock car series is switching from its sixth generation model to its seventh starting with the 2022 season, and the new Next Gen car has been touted as a way to improve the racing on the track and the sport‘s business model off it.

The transition has been complicated because NASCAR is using entirely new forms of technology for the car design and a new system for sourcing parts — this amid a pandemic that has brought on supply chain, labor and inflation issues. Teams don‘t yet have their full fleets of new cars for next season.

SBJ surveyed several industry executives about the situation and found that the level of concern varied, though almost all agreed that many, if not all, of the issues may be fixable. Most declined to speak on the record because the situation is ongoing and sensitive. Many agreed with NASCAR that there is no reason to panic at the moment.

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