Since 2020 things have changed so drastically that a lot of the fun and hope for competitiveness has really faded. For this reason, I have decided to scale back and only race when we have a primary sponsor and sufficient funding to provide a better effort.
Fastener Supply Company and all of the small sponsors that accompanied us were such a blessing in 2020 & 2021 and even though we had a great primary sponsor, it was still not the millions of dollars needed for a full season and the days are gone when you can do it for less than that (although I do think those days will return).
Many trucks are very similar and every entry is typically running an ILMOR engine. But alas, every ILMOR is no longer the same. There continues to be newer and better and more expensive upgrades available that we just can’t keep up with. Pile on a new 2022 body, with older bodies being penalized on 1.5 mile tracks and above and we are really set up for a rough road. But the biggest thing we are lacking is technical guidance and the hundreds of little tips and tricks that make up the one or two second difference between the leaders and the also rans.
I’M NOT DONE. I am just going to scale back to better figure out how to propel forward. I know I can do better for everyone if I can step back, regroup and make another run at it from a better position. With enough time and money we will compete and I’m not ruling any race out. If you are interested in joining us for a race please reach out to me and let’s create a win-win partnership we can all be proud of.
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