In February 2020, Stewart-Haas Racing announced Harvick had agreed to a two-year contract extension that would keep Harvick behind the wheel of the No. 4 Ford through the 2023 season.

Likely largely because of his current 50-race winless streak and his age — 46 — rumors constantly pop up about Harvick‘s possible retirement.

“I like where I race. I like Stewart-Haas Racing. I like the atmosphere. I like the people here. That‘s really the biggest reason that I like to do it, especially this year,” he said. “You‘re with a group of people where you‘re constantly problem-solving.

“You‘re trying to fix it faster than everybody else and come to something that is better than everybody else so you can win races. I like the core group of guys that I started here with. That‘s why they all came here, and I guess I would feel like I‘m abandoning them if I didn‘t go a couple more years.


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