#2-Sheldon Creed (practice)
Martinsville No. 2 Safety Section Safety Penalty (Ballast)
Note: Loss or separation of added ballast from the vehicle.
Crew chief (Jeff Stankiewicz), Car chief (Kris McCabe), Crew member (Sam Bowers) has been suspended for the next four NASCAR Xfintiy Series Championship points events.

#54-Ty Gibbs (post-race inspection)
Safety Sections Tires and Wheels
Note: Lug nut(s) not properly installed.
Crew chief (Chris Gayle) has been fined $5,000.

Ty Gibbs Behavioral Sections 4.3.A&E NASCAR Member Conduct; 8.8.8 Crew Member/Servicing
Note: Contact with another vehicle on pit road after the race.
Ty Gibbs has been fined $15,000.


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