The seventh generation Ford Mustang was unveiled Wednesday night during the Detroit auto show. An updated road car means updates for its racing counterparts are around the corner — and for the NASCAR Cup Series, that means a refresh of Ford‘s Next Gen kit for 2024.

Ford had six different variants of the Mustang race cars on display for its launch, spanning everything from SCAA to NHRA, Supercars and NASCAR. Mark Rushbrook, global director of Ford Performance, told RACER that the rollout of the new version of Ford‘s Cup car will coincide with a series of planned updates to the road-going version.

“So, 2024 is the target to actually update to this new seventh-generation Mustang,” Rushbrook said. “We‘re going to keep building them and selling them around the world and racing them around the world, too. [The 2024 Cup car will] be based on the new seventh-generation Mustang.”


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