Speaking to Kelly Crandall at Racer, NASCAR President Steve Phelps says a number of cities have approached the sanctioning body about hosting a NASCAR street race in the future.  Phelps says no decision would be made prior to the running of the Chicago race.


I don‘t know what our ‘24 schedule is going to look like, but it‘s going to have more changes in it, for sure. Until such time as the fan base says “enough,” we‘re going to continue to drive change throughout our industry. It‘s change that really either delivers a better product or brings it to a market where there‘s significant demand for our racing.

Since we announced the Chicago street course, the number of cities that have reached out to NASCAR is significant, saying, ‘Hey, we would love to have a street course with NASCAR.‘ Now, we‘re going to certainly wait to see how this first street course goes before we would make any commitments anywhere else. It‘s going to continue to evolve in terms of what the schedule looks like, but in general, I think what you‘ve seen as a result of schedule variation, what we do from diversity, equity, inclusion standpoint, or any number of the other changes that are happening within the sport, they‘re bringing a relevance gain in the overall kind of population of this country and around the world.

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