Like many of you, Bristol Motor Speedway is implementing a major New Year‘s resolution to kick off 2023.

For some that means a new diet, a new workout program or a new daily routine. But in BMS‘s case, instead of New Year: New You, it‘s New Year: New Social Media handle.

Today Bristol Motor Speedway officials launched @ItsBristolBaby as its brand-new social media handle for all of its social channels and platforms.

It‘s kinda catchy and it‘s a phrase many of you have been saying all along, especially after Dale Earnhardt Jr. made the declaration go viral after saying it for the first time in BMS Victory Lane in August 2004 after winning The Night Race.

To make it simple for everyone in the world of social media, you can now follow BMS on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and TikTok by using the new handle @ItsBristolBaby.

“This is an exciting change,” said Drew Bedard, BMS vice president of marketing. “Our original handle, @bmsupdates, has served us well and was created in the early days of social media when race results were the primary information being shared. Today we use our social media platforms to engage our fans on so many different levels that we felt like @ItsBristolBaby really captures who we are.”

— Bristol Motor Speedway —

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