Dropping on podcast feeds every Thursday afternoon starting Feb. 9 will be Dirty Mo Media’s latest creation, Dirty Mo Dough with Steve Letarte.

Dirty Mo Dough is a fun, entertaining and informational show that explores sports betting through the exploits of Steve Letarte and his buddies, Chopper and Professor. This trio analyzes odds, compiles statistics and uncovers hidden value on every aspect of NASCAR racing so that any level of gambler — from novice to expert — is informed and prepared to wager on the big race.

“Letarte‘s passion for action, whether it be on the track or in the sportsbook, makes him perfect for this,” said Dale Earnhardt Jr. “I am excited about this show.”

Each week with Chopper and Professor, Letarte will navigate through key components that will form the ultimate crash-course and prep guide for the casual NASCAR gambler. For example:

Recapping last week‘s action: Who won, who lost, who is licking their wounds and who is on a shopping spree with all their cash. Be forewarned: there is no compassion with this group. Feelings are checked at the betting window.

Previewing upcoming race: Letarte sets the table on what to expect from the NASCAR Cup Series coming up.

Analyzing the trends and finding the action: The Professor provides an onslaught of statistical data and racing insights unmatched anywhere else so that Letarte and Chopper can determine the bets. This includes drivers head-to-head, group bets, key matchups, top manufacturer, top-five finishes, winners, interesting prop bets and hammer bets.

Spontaneous action: Don‘t be surprised if Letarte takes to his in-house putting green, dart board or beer fridge to make bets with his buddies during the show. “Hey Chopper, betcha $20 you can‘t go 10 seconds without blinking.”

Other sports action: What else is going on in the sports world to bet on? This trio will surely find out because, hey, it‘s what they do.

Sports Betting 101: Letarte will always dedicate a portion of his show to educate the new race fan and sports gambler. Where do you bet? What does “juice” mean? Where do you find odds? What moves the line? There are no dumb questions, and Letarte is the go-to source!

Dirty Mo Dough with Steve Letarte will fill a Thursday slot for DMM. The show will be part of a weekly lineup that includes Door Bumper Clear and Actions Detrimental with Denny Hamlin on Monday, The Dale Jr. Download on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, Speed Street with Conor Daly and Joey Mulinaro on Wednesday, and Dirty Mo Live and Next Level Pod sprinkled throughout. The announcement spurred big reactions on social media Monday.

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