NASCAR, The NASCAR Foundation, Speedway Motorsports and Speedway Children‘s Charities are teaming up to host a 75-hour event to raise funds for nonprofits across the country, as part of the sport‘s 75th Anniversary celebrations.

The Giveathon begins Tuesday, May 16 at 5:00 p.m. ET and goes until 8:00 p.m. ET on Friday, May 19, officially known as “the NASCAR Day Giveathon.” The 75-hour giving period will feature a multitude of bonus grants and matching gift donations for nonprofit organizations as well as commemorative prizes/memorabilia for donors. The goal will be to raise $750,000 in charitable funds. Nonprofits interested in participating are encouraged to register at before the May 1 deadline.

The NASCAR Foundation will work with organizations in the weeks approaching the Giveathon to increase awareness of this national movement across the extensive network of passionate NASCAR fans. Additionally, NASCAR and Speedway Motorsports will contribute a combined $100,000 for gifts up to $750 to be matched from these funds.

“The NASCAR industry has a long history of giving back in our racing communities to help others. We‘re thrilled to partner with Speedway Motorsports and Speedway Children‘s Charities for this amazing event,” said Nichole Krieger, Vice President and Executive Director of The NASCAR Foundation. “The opportunity to raise funds for hundreds of nonprofit organizations, all while connecting with NASCAR fans and people across the industry is what makes the Giveathon so special. We can‘t wait to see it all come to fruition on NASCAR Day.”

“As the sport of NASCAR comes together to celebrate its 75th anniversary, this is such a unique opportunity for fans worldwide to come together in support of organizations that benefit our communities,” said Jessica Fickenscher, Managing Director for Speedway Children‘s Charities. “The nonprofits that participate as recipients in the Giveathon are worthy charities who need our help. Alongside NASCAR, The NASCAR Foundation and race fans everywhere, we can make a significant impact that will carry far beyond NASCAR Day and the NASCAR All-Star Race weekend.”

Contributions will be accepted online throughout the entire 75-hour window, with donors designating their funds towards their charities of choice from the list of participating organizations. Each nonprofit will have their own online Giveathon page to solicit donations. Select prizes including T-shirts, autographed items and matching gifts from corporate sponsors will be offered as incentives during the Giveathon.

To learn more about the NASCAR Day Giveathon, or to register your nonprofit for the event, please visit Nonprofit registration closes Monday, May 1.

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