The Chevrolet Camaro, for decades the dream car of many teenage American males, is going out of production.

General Motors, which sells the brawny muscle car, said Wednesday it will stop making the current generation early next year.

The future of the car, which is raced on NASCAR and other circuits, is a bit murky. GM says another generation may be in the works.

If GM revives the Camaro, it almost certainly will be electric, said Stephanie Brinley, an associate director with S&P Global Mobility. “It would be unlikely to see another internal combustion engine vehicle,” she said.

Associated Press

Chevrolet would still be allowed to use the Camaro in 2024 if it chooses to do so since it will be in production in 2024 and rule is production vehicle must be sold during the race season. What Chevrolet eventually will run in NASCAR to replace the Camaro is TBD/TBA.

— Bob Pockrass (@bobpockrass) March 22, 2023

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